Wonderful and Credible Gift Boxes Ideas for Any Occasion

Everyone has a genius inside him/her. Let your creativity comes out. Puzzle your loved ones with incredible ideas in your mind. You can do so many things with simple gift boxes to make them astonished. Everyone has a creative side which is most probably hidden till now. You can bring your creativity out by doing something different with gift boxes. Anyone can make their own gift boxes. When you make gift boxes with your own ideas, you make your recipient happy. The simple gift box you can make instantly is a candy box. No technicality is involved in making candy box. Everyone can make a candy box. You can find a box anywhere in your house. A box of your shoes, a food box, an old stationery box. Any box in your clutter.

Now, I will give you some awesome and simple tips. After finding a box at your own home, you have to design it. For designing, here are some wonderful ideas. These ideas are simple regarding material, cost, and design. Let me tell you the most important point. When you will start working on it, you can come across some other ideas after every step. So, indulge yourself in this wonderful project.

Easy paper origami box

Actually, the origami box is a Japanese idea. It is also a simple idea. Even kids can make this box easily. To learn origami box is a matter of a few minutes. The folding and lid of the origami box are very simple. After making your first box, you can make as many boxes as you want. Instead of square boxes, you can make a rectangular origami gift box. It is also very simple and the same as the square box. Just you need to do is cut your box in a rectangular shape. Also, cutting of the papers should be in a rectangular shape. So, you can easily make a rectangular paper box.

Some other ideas if origami gift boxes are:

Origami Cat Boxes

These are adorable and unique paper gift boxes. The specialty of such boxes is, they have cat face design on the top.

Hessian Origami Box

Hessian is a unique fabric used for wrapping the box. This another unique product of origami gift box is a Hessian box. The origami box is wrapped with hessian fabric. You can use silk or velvet fabric as well instead of hessian. Do it yourself. You will be happy and astonished when you see the final look.

Printed Heart-shaped Origami Box

You can find printed heart-shaped boxes from the market. You can find many videos of it and make it yourself. All you have to do is, take a printed sheet and paste it to the box. Finally, decorate your box with heart’s content.

Recycled Gift box ideas (DIY)

Everyone Knows that gift boxes are disposed of instantly. So, you can make a new gift box from recycled material. You can find anything from the clutter and recycle it. You can make a gift box from egg cartons, mason jars, stationery box, food box, shoe box, or anything you find from your storeroom. You can make your own small lovely candy boxes from old and unused material.

You can make cookies jars from old mason jars. You can gift these new jars by adding cookies, chocolates, and baked items. You have to decorate it with ribbon. To make it more beautiful paint it with a beautiful color.

You can use newspaper for your old gift box. This is a very unique idea for making your box beautiful and new. Wrap the old box you found from your clutter with the newspaper and make it unique.

Do something different with your shoe box. I mean you can make a candy box with your old shoe box. You can place any gift in your shoe box. Wrap it with a printed sheet and put a bow on it.


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