A Special Candy Box with Truffles

Do you love giving gifts? Do you love making someone special? Do you want to make someone feel happy? Then surf the internet to learn some creative ideas. And make people happy by giving them special gifts. You can do your own search. I also love creativity and for that a search a lot on the internet. While searching some gift ideas I stumbled upon a great idea. You might find it simple but it’s a lovely idea, I guess. Paper box to hold candies. This could be your wonderful DIY (do it yourself) project. You can fill this lovely paper box with chocolates, candy, baked item, or anything your recipient loves most. If it looks an intricate project, you buy a paper box online. You can find many online paper boxes within your budget. But making it by your hands, give it extra love and compassion.

You can make this gift box for some special occasion. Like you can make it for someone special on Wedding day. Because on Wedding you find chocolate boxes very expensive. So, the better idea is to make your own chocolate boxes for Wedding day. I am not daunting the idea of buying chocolate boxes from the market. If you can afford and go out of your budget then go with this idea. But if you have a limited budget then make it yourself. When you make something by your own hands, it gives an extra dose of love and your efforts.

Making your own paper gift box

You can make your own paper gift box. Or you can make a card gift box, corrugated gift box, or whichever you find easy. You can find old paper boxes from stores. Like I found paper boxes from a store on discount. I bought some little bottles and placed truffles in them. I start working on the paper boxes, to make them enchanting. Let me tell you what I did with these old paper boxes to make them new.

Accessories you need

  • A paintbrush
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint
  • Small paper boxes found at a local discount or grocery stores
  • Use decorating paper of your choice

Let’s begin the process of making a paper gift box

First, you need to do is, remove all the extra thing inside the box you bought from the store. Pick a bright color and paint your box. Cover inside top of the box and inside surface of the box. If you want to make it more colorful, you can pick a different color for another side. If not, then cover the other sides with the same color. You can paint your box half or full. As per your wish. You can paint your box with only one color or with two or more colors. To make your paint neat, you need to paint your box with second coat mean another layer of paint. You can give two or three layers of paint.

Now it is decoration turns. Take your decorative paper and paste the paper on your box. First, you need to cut the paper in the box shape. Paste the paper with glue. Let it dry for a few minutes. Now you can see the beautiful transformation of your old box.

Padding your box

You can place foil sheet inside your box. You can use baking sheets for padding your box. You can use silk sheets if you are not placing baked items in the box. Layers of beautiful sheet give an extra essence to your gift box.

Making of truffles

Ingredients you need to make truffles are:

  • 2 ½ cups of cereal (your favorite flavor)
  • Marshmallow cream (1-7oz. cup)
  • Gel food color
  • Condensed milk (1-14oz. can)
  • Sprinkles
  • White chocolate bits (2-12oz. bags)


Place parchment paper in a pan. Take one pack of white chocolate and melt it down in a bowl. To melt it down you can microwave it for 30 seconds. In another bowl place the cereal, chocolate, condensed milk, and marshmallow cream. Mix all the ingredients well. After the ingredients are blended, pour the mixture into the pan with the chocolate. Freeze for at least 4 hours. When it got freeze. Take out small scoops and make balls of it. Dip the balls in the melted chocolate. Sprinkle on it. Let it cool again for 1 hour. Your truffles are ready.


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